30. Dezember 2008


the yolk blog: Merry Christmas - Greek style
AFP pic of burning christmas tree in Athens central square, I guess all the kings horses and all the kings men could not help here!

They came for the symbols of wealth alright, youth in Greece still rioting in the most serious and longlasting protests in decades. (...) It escalated after police shot a 15 year old boy on the street and there being an already unpopular government, a growing gap between rich and poor, and high youth unemployment, it was no surprise that the event became a lightning rod for disparate groups to rally together.

Around the world students and others have protested in solidarity with Greek students at times facing severe repression with some people being arrested in Bristol UK and harsh police action in Germany. In the shadow of the global economic crisis, this is a significant moment that the broader Left has not yet seen the significance of. But apparently, youth in Spain have!
Enjoy THIS symptom!
(gefunden von Rainer Rilling)

Als Nachtrag noch ein Fundstück für die besinnlichen Stunden zum Jahreswechsel:
Karl Heinz Roth: Globale Krise – Globale Proletarisierung – Gegenperspektiven (bei wildcat), Exposé zu einem neuen Buch zum "Zustand der Welt".