9. März 2014

International debate on the Common Good

Today we have started an international mailing list for the debate on the Common Good of Humanity, the Common Good Newsgroup, hosted by Birgit Daiber, François Houtart, Francine Mestrum and me.
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
with this e-mail we invite you to participate in a newsgroup to discuss the subject of Common Good and to inform about the debates and the ongoing struggles on specific topics.
Common Good Newsgroup: International mailing list for the debate on the Common Good.
The diversity is obvious: In Latin America the Common Good is discussed within the context of the concept of Buen Vivir, in Europe the actual struggles against austerity-led politics of privatization and the dismantling of social standards are in the focus as well as positive actions for water as common good – while in South-East Asia the Subject is the right to life and a life of dignity.
The concept of the Common Good of Humanity respects the diversity of struggles and debates and intends to develop a new post-capitalist paradigm.
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